Why Planning Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Reasons Why Everyone Should Have an Estate Plan

A lot of people do not have arrangements stipulating who will inherit their estate. Without estate planning, you give up the right to decide who takes up ownership of your estate when you’re no longer there, however. Estate planning should not be the reserve of only the affluent, as lack of a practical succession plan may have a sustained effect on the lives of the dear ones you leave behind, including when there’s no high-end property, big company, or a lot of liquid cash for inheritance.

If you’re skeptical about the need to have an estate plan, here are some reasons that can change your mind and get you to start talking to your estate planning attorney:

Prevents Loss of Assets to Unintended Beneficiaries
Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned About Planning

As long as you have a family (kids, spouse, or other dependents) and property worth something, an estate plan lets you dictate who gets to own it when you die. You could posses shares or a summer home, but appointing heirs to your estate snatches control from the courts to you, helping circumvent a possibly long and ugly litigation process.
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Guarding the Welfare of Young Children in Your Family

Nobody wishes to think about their own early death, but being prepared for the worst is always recommended for a family with small children. In this case, you’ll use your will designate guardians for your under-18 kids in the event of the death of both parents to determine that their welfare is taken care of in a way that you’re satisfied with. The courts will have to step in and decide who will raise your kids in your absence if you don’t stipulate it in your will while you’re alive.

Minimize the Tax Bill

Your heirs won’t have to pay excessive taxes when you have a proper estate plan. An important part of your plan should entail transferring assets to named beneficiaries with a view to creating the lowest tax burden that’s legally possible. You can avoid or appreciable reduce state and federal estate taxes through a carefully prepared estate plan.

Avoiding Family Messes

It is extremely likely for family members to clash when a wealthy relative passes away without a will. In the absence of a will that stipulates who inherits what after you’re gone, a child could claim more assets than other, or they may want to manage finances at the expense of others despite opposition from the other surviving family members. The disagreements may get worse in courts with relatives attacking each other. By stating your heirs through estate planning in way that courts can enforce, you can avoid all such family squabbles.

Embrace estate planning now to guarantee the well-being of the dear ones in your life.