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A Guide To Buying The Right Kind Of A Camping Tent.

Camping tents come in all shapes, designs and sizes. What you find ideal for you might not be the case with the other person. There is a reason why the manufacturers have come up with the different ways of making the tents so that they may suit each other well. When it comes to choosing the right tent for yourself then consider a number of the given factors here.

The first thing to consider is the tent size which is mainly depended on the number of people that will use the tent. We have the very small tents that give a maximum occupation of only two people at a time and mostly the couples are the best in using this. For those with a huge number of people to use the tent then you will need to consider the capacity size that the tent can hold at once. You should also keep in mind that there will be some luggage’s that will be kept inside the tent so it will be important to spare some space for it.

Then you will have to choose the tents shape in which case the tents come in four different shapes in the market. There is the A-shape that a good number of people will prefer since it helps in giving the people around some space required for the right movements inside the tent. The floors are always different and it is best if you find a tent with a square floor shape which brings in efficiency when laying down.
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Consider a tent with a door and a window which will be best used when in hot or humid conditions. If you are dealing with a big number of people in the tent, it will be best to consider one that has doors on the both sides to allow easy movements around. When it gets windy, you will find that the ideal poles used will be necessary to hold them right in their best positions. The extra poles will come in handy when a storm comes when you are camping and you are forced to use them for emergency purposes.
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You must choose the tent that is made of the right fabric. Nylon is a water proof material which most of the tents are made of. The nylon is very light and is not best ideal for camping in the windy areas. You will need to get a heavier fabric which is dense when lifted. Finally you will need to test the zippers if you want to have an assurance of a long lasting tent.